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The strategy for the distribution of the film is envisioned to be part of the 20th anniversary of the creation of Guantanamo prison, which is January 2022. During this time the major NGOS and humanitarian organizations will lead international efforts–which will be supported by the media–to pressure the Biden administration to close the prison. The film will be offered to these organizations to be used as part of this campaign.
With a first cut completion date for late Fall 2021, we will focus on the first part of 2022 international Festival premiere – Sundance, Berlin Tribecca, SXSW or the Cannes Film Festival. During these festival the film will be presented to major distributors, broadcasters and streaming companies worldwide.
If a worldwide rights agreement is not forged, Cinema Libre Studio which has more than 30 years experience as a distribution company, will release the film in movies theaters in the U.S., on DVD / Blu-ray, on VOD platforms and offer the film for acquisition to cable companies. Additionally Cinema Libre Studio, with its own foreign sales branch which attend all major international film and television markets, will sell the film to foreign distributors. In the territories where the film would not be sold for acceptable terms, Cinema Libre Studio will distribute it directly.